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Kingsley Davis: Population Policy, Will Current Programs Succeed?

Kingsley Davis is listed prominently at the bottom of the Jaffe Memo table as one of the ‘primary’ sources consulted and tabulated. Davis makes the point that population control advocates have felt compelled to resort to ‘family planning’ as their primary means of controlling the population, because its the only politically safe mechanism then (in …

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Full List of Population Control Measures listed on the Jaffe Memo

PROPOSED MEASURES TO REDUCE FERTILITY, BY UNIVERSALITY OR SELECTIVITY OF IMPACT IN THE U.S. Having Universal Impact: Social Constraints: Restructure family: a) Postpone or avoid marriage b) Alter image of ideal family size Compulsory education of children Encourage increased homosexuality Educate for family limitation Fertility control agents in water supply Encourage women to work Selective …

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Correlation or Causation? The Jaffe Memo Implemented in Our Time

Even though the ‘Jaffe Memo’ represents conspirators ‘red handed’, as it were, it is hard to imagine that anyone would actually try to implement the things on the memo, let alone actually be able to pull it off. While there is no question that Jaffe, Berelson, etc, were deliberating over a multitude of options, which …

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