Jaffe Memo Sources

Jaffe’s table is included in a longer memo directed to Bernard Berelson, in response to a request made by Berelson for ideas for how the government can “alter population trends.”  The memorandum is dated March 11th, 1969.

Jaffe Memo purpose quote

The table was reproduced a year later in another document produced by Jaffe’s office (by Elliot), which specifically states the rationale for why these ideas are being discussed:

Purpose of Jaffe Memo Review - Snippet

The full memorandum, originating from the Center for Family Planning Program Development (The Technical Assistance Division of Planned Parenthood-World Population) can be download and read, here:

Frederick Jaffe states at the bottom of his memo:

The measures tabulated here are derived primarily from Davis, Science. 11/10/67; Michael Young’s remarks at NIH Conference 6/67; L. & A. Day, Too Many Americans; J. Blake in Sheps & Ridley, Public Health & Population Change; and W. Shockley, Speech in Ontario, 12/67.

Here are links to those sources and/or more information about them:

There are other sources referenced in the full memorandum which are not listed at the bottom of the table:

  • Frederick Jaffe and Alan Guttmacher, “Family Planning Programs in the U.S.” (described as ‘forthcoming’ but evidently already published in 1968. See also.)
  • Freedman, R.C. Coombs and L. Bumpass, “Stability and Change in Expectations about Family Size — A Longitudinal Study” found in “Demography”, 1965, V2.
  • N.B. Ryder & C.F. Westoff, “The Trend of Expected Parity in the U.S. — 1955, 1960, 1965.” Found in the Population Index, April-June, 1967.
  • Ansley Coale