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Excerpt from Piotrow’s “World Population Crisis” Re: Jaffe

Source: WORLD POPULATION CRISIS by Phyllis Piotrow, pgs 150-156.  1973 Excerpt: [Strategies] Ravenholt who had drafted much of the cable was even more determined than Gaud to meet or exceed the congressional targets of $35 million in 1968 and $50 million in 1969. Under his leadership the Population Service became more than just a staff …

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Berelson’s Response to Jaffe

The table in Jaffe’s memorandum is singled out because it distills into one page the callous mindset of the ‘family planning’ advocates, regardless of whether or not any particular proposal was eventually implemented or discarded: the fact that they were even willing to consider them at all is quite telling.  However, Jaffe was only one …

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Jaffe Memo Sources

Jaffe’s table is included in a longer memo directed to Bernard Berelson, in response to a request made by Berelson for ideas for how the government can “alter population trends.”  The memorandum is dated March 11th, 1969. The table was reproduced a year later in another document produced by Jaffe’s office (by Elliot), which specifically …

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