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Excerpt from Piotrow’s “World Population Crisis” Re: Jaffe

Source: WORLD POPULATION CRISIS by Phyllis Piotrow, pgs 150-156.  1973 Excerpt: [Strategies] Ravenholt who had drafted much of the cable was even more determined than Gaud to meet or exceed the congressional targets of $35 million in 1968 and $50 million in 1969. Under his leadership the Population Service became more than just a staff …

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William Shockley, Ontario Speech 1967.

The Jaffe Memo table lists William Shockley’s speech in Ontario, in 1967, as a source for ideas.  The same speech is cited by Bernard Berelson, in his article Beyond Family Planning, which must in some way be a reaction to Jaffe’s memorandum.  Here is the reference as provided by Berelson: As of this writing, the …

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