Jaffe Memo Sources

Jaffe’s table is included in a longer memo directed to Bernard Berelson, in response to a request made by Berelson for ideas for how the government can “alter population trends.”  The memorandum is dated March 11th, 1969 아프리카 비공개.

Jaffe Memo purpose quote

The table was reproduced a year later in another document produced by Jaffe’s office (by Elliot), which specifically states the rationale for why these ideas are being discussed:

Purpose of Jaffe Memo Review - Snippet

The full memorandum, originating from the Center for Family Planning Program Development (The Technical Assistance Division of Planned Parenthood-World Population) can be download and read, here:

Frederick Jaffe states at the bottom of his memo:

The measures tabulated here are derived primarily from Davis, Science zxing 라이브러리 다운로드. 11/10/67; Michael Young’s remarks at NIH Conference 6/67; L. & A. Day, Too Many Americans; J. Blake in Sheps & Ridley, Public Health & Population Change; and W hotspot shield vpn 다운로드. Shockley, Speech in Ontario, 12/67.

Here are links to those sources and/or more information about them:

There are other sources referenced in the full memorandum which are not listed at the bottom of the table:

  • Frederick Jaffe and Alan Guttmacher, “Family Planning Programs in the U.S.” (described as ‘forthcoming’ but evidently already published in 1968 Download the Kaist program. See also.)
  • Freedman, R.C. Coombs and L. Bumpass, “Stability and Change in Expectations about Family Size — A Longitudinal Study” found in “Demography”, 1965, V2 구구단 다운로드.
  • N.B. Ryder & C.F. Westoff, “The Trend of Expected Parity in the U.S. — 1955, 1960, 1965.” Found in the Population Index, April-June, 1967 Download pc gostop games.
  • Ansley Coale