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Dave Jaffe, A Man With An Agenda

Excerpt from Piotrow’s “World Population Crisis” Re: Jaffe

Source: WORLD POPULATION CRISIS by Phyllis Piotrow, pgs 150-156.  1973 Excerpt: [Strategies] Ravenholt who had drafted much of the cable was even more determined than Gaud to meet or exceed the congressional targets of $35 million in 1968 and $50 million in 1969. Under his leadership the Population Service became more than just a staff …

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Ravenholt Comments on Various Population Control Organizations

From a transcript located here. Note remarks about Bernard Berelson near the bottom.  [Very interesting remarks about Rockefeller’s interest in the Philippines, later in the transcript, not included here.] Sharpless Hm. What about your work with the International Planned Parenthood Federation? Ravenholt When we began, the International Planned Parenthood Federation was surely the leading world …

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The Population Control Agenda as It Unfolded for Planned Parenthood

As stated on the home page, the purpose of this site is not to nail down precisely what Planned Parenthood decided to do, but rather to lay out the options they were considering.  Even this modest purpose is fought by Planned Parenthood defenders, who would like us to believe that the organization is thoroughly committed …

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Berelson’s Response to Jaffe

The table in Jaffe’s memorandum is singled out because it distills into one page the callous mindset of the ‘family planning’ advocates, regardless of whether or not any particular proposal was eventually implemented or discarded: the fact that they were even willing to consider them at all is quite telling.  However, Jaffe was only one …

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Michael Young, Meritocracy

Michael Young is listed as a source in the Jaffe memo table, in particular his remarks at the “NIH Conference” in June, of 1967.  Bernard Berelson references the same remarks in his article, “Beyond Family Planning.”  Evidently, a full transcript exists, but Young’s remarks are summarized in the Conference Report, which is what Berelson cites …

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Judith Blake: Demographic Science and the Redirection of Population Policy

Judith Blake’s essay,  “Demographic Science and the Redirection of Population Policy” as found in M.C. and Ridley, J.C. (Ed.) Sheps “Public Health and Population Change” is listed as a source for Jaffe’s table. [The development school of thought maintains that] “Policy must be therefore directed at accelerating overall social and economic development which, in turn, …

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Arthur C Clarke, “Standing Room Only”

Arthur C. Clarke’s “Standing Room Only” was printed in Harper’s in 1958, and referenced by Lincoln and Alice Day’s Too Many Americans. Clarke proposes–reluctantly, as he puts it–various ways to save the earth from over-population devastation.  Compulsory homosexuality and infanticide are included.

Lincoln Day and Alice Day: Too Many Americans, Tomorrow’s Issue

Lincoln and Alice Day’s book, Too Many Americans:  Tomorrow’s Issue is cited as a source for the ideas on the Jaffe Memo table. Typical of all birth control and family planning advocates who are concerned about over-population, they prefer ‘voluntary’ methods but are not above coercive ones–should they be necessary. From the dust jacket: They …

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William Shockley, Ontario Speech 1967.

The Jaffe Memo table lists William Shockley’s speech in Ontario, in 1967, as a source for ideas.  The same speech is cited by Bernard Berelson, in his article Beyond Family Planning, which must in some way be a reaction to Jaffe’s memorandum.  Here is the reference as provided by Berelson: As of this writing, the …

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